For detailed information on benefits see the UGFA Benefits Booklet

Professional Development Reimbursement
Vacation Entitlement






Extended Health Care



The University plan covers 100% of the reasonable and customary costs of services and supplies not covered under the Provincial Health insurance including:

Prescription drugs



Vision Care



Dental Care



Paramedical Services



Equipment and Other Medical Items



For more equipment and medical items covered see the Group Benefits Booklet.
For access to health and dental claims forms follow this link to Human Resources - Benefits









Professional Development Reimbursement (PDR)



All Faculty, Professional Librarians and Veterinarians who are full-time probationary and tenured, or who are on full-time contractually limited term appointments of more than 12 months are eligible to receive Professional Development Reimbursement. Each eligible member may claim reimbursement of eligible expenses up to a value of:



For more detailed information see the pertinent article in the Collective Agreement.






Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship Plan


Tuition Scholarship for Dependents and Spouses

This plan provides tuition scholarships up to a maximum of $2,000 for eligible dependent children and spouses for tuition fees payable for courses taken for credit in University programs leading to an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or an associate diploma.
For more information see the full Tuition Scholarship Plan.

Download the Tuition Scholarship Application Form.

Tuition Waiver

In general the cost of tuition for courses taken at the University of Guelph, excluding the cost of textbooks and laboratory fees, is waived for all full-time employees who have completed one year of service with the University.

For more information see Continuing Education Coursesor the Tuition Waiver Application Form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my child/spouse use the Tuition Scholarship to help pay for studies at another institution?
Unfortunately not. The tuition scholarship is only available for dependents and spouses attending the University of Guelph.

Can my husband/wife use the Tuition Scholarship to pay for a course at the University of Guelph?
Spouses of eligible employees can apply for the Tuition Scholarship if enrolled in full-time studies at Guelph (3 or more courses). Tuition Scholarship cannot be used to supplement the cost of just a single course. Tuition waiver (see above) for single courses is available only to full-time Members employed by the University of Guelph.

Vacation Entitlement




Vacation entitlement for Faculty, Librarians, and Veterinarians is:





The following Paid Holidays are in addition to paid Vacation (for 2019):



The University will also be closed January 2 and 3, 2020.
For more detailed information see Article 46: Vacation and Holidays in the Collective Agreement.

Last updated February 2019