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Here is your 2022-2023 UGFA Executive:

Photo Dr. Herb Kunze


Herb Kunze

Mathematics and Statistics
[email protected]
ext. 53286

Photo Dr. Louise Grogan


Louise Grogan

Economics & Finance

[email protected]

ext. 53473

Photo Dr. Mary DeCoste


Mary DeCoste

School of Languages and Literatures

[email protected]
ext. 53187
Dr. Andy Hathaway

Grievance Information Officer

Andrew Hathaway

Sociology & Anthropology
[email protected]

Academic Freedom & Oversight Chair

Susan Chuang

Family Relations & Applied Nutrition

[email protected]

ext. 58389

Photo Dr. Steve Gismondi


Economic Benefits Chair

Steve Gismondi

Mathematics & Statistics

[email protected]

ext. 53104

Photo Dr. Pavneesh Madan

Health & Safety Officer

Pavneesh Madan

Biomedical Sciences

[email protected]

ext. 54480

Photo Lezlie Cunningham

OCUFA Director

Lezlie Cunningham

Unit 2 - Ridgetown
[email protected]
ext. 63526



Jing Lu

Department of Management

[email protected]

ext. 54975


Last updated July 2022