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2012-13 Council

College of Arts
Bill Cormack
Andrew Sherwood
Mary DeCoste
Denise Mohan)
Ruediger Mueller

College of Biological Sciences
David Josephy
Jane Robb
Ross Nazar
Kelly Meckling
M. Alex Smith

College of Physical and Engineering Science

Allan Willms
Ed Carter
Herb Kunze

College of Social and Applied Human Science

Sue Chuang
Kate Parizeau

College of Management & Economics

Evie Adomait
Karen Finlay (Gough)
Scott Colwell
Theo Noseworthy

Ontario Agriculture College

John FitzGibbon
Susan Glasauer
Jim Mahone

Ontario Veterinary College

Luis Arroyo
Cathy Gartley
Jan MacInnes
Éva Nagy
Laurent Viel



Jane Burpee
Scott Gillies

Animal Health Lab/Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Bev McEwen
Dan Kenney