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Council committee is responsible for administering the affairs of the UGFA. Meetings are generally held once a month. The rules, powers, and composition of Council are outlined in our Constitution.

Here is your 2023-2024 Council:

College of Arts

Mary DeCoste (2yr)

Bill Cormack (2yr)

Andrew Sherwood (1yr)

College of Biological Science

Shoshana Jacobs (1yr)

Ray Lu (1yr)

Geoff Power (2yr)

Marika Bakovic (2yr)

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Steve Gismondi (2yr)             

Marcel Schlaf (2yr)
Herb Kunze (2yr)
Andrew Hamilton-Wright (1yr)

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Susan Chuang (1yr)              

Andy Hathaway(2yr)
Olga Smoliak (1yr)

Gordon S. Lang School of Business & Economics


Philippe Lassou (2yr)

Jing Lu (1yr)

(need 1)

Ontario Agriculture College


Paul Goodwin (2yr)                              

Massimo Marcone (1yr)

Helen Booker (2yr)

Ontario Veterinary College

Andrea Sanchez-Lazaro (2yr)

Pavneesh Madan (2yr)
Andria Jones (1yr)



Melanie Cassidy (1yr)

Jennifer Marvin (2yr


Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Emily Brower

Animal Health Lab

Andrew Brooks             
[email protected]

Unit 2

Lezlie Cunningham (2yr).    

Curtis Mikel (1yr)


(2 needed)


If you are interested in sitting on Council or if you have any questions regarding Council please feel free to contact the UGFA office at [email protected] or call 519.824.4120 x52126.



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last updated September 27, 2023