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General Purpose


The award is intended to provide tangible recognition for excellent contribution toward academic librarianship broadly defined. Individuals may be nominated for an UGFA award on the basis of excellent performance in providing to all members of the academic community the fullest possible access to library materials, facilities, and information. Individuals may be nominated for an UGFA Librarianship Award on the basis of excellent performance in any of the following areas:



  1. The acquisition, cataloguing and processing of library materials to organize and structure access to the collection.
  2. Bibliographic instruction and library orientation classes in support of academic programs.
  3. Development and evaluation of collections to enhance the value for teaching and research.
  4. Development of innovative library procedures and systems to improve access to internal and external library resources and services.
  5. Effective, efficient and innovative administration and management to achieve the service and workplace objectives of the Library's mission statement.
  6. Management of collection resources to insure access to library resources.
  7. Professional service to the university, to librarianship or the community, which brings recognition to the value and achievements of academic librarianship.
  8. Provision of service and information to faculty, students and the community at large, to facilitate learning and the development of new knowledge.
  9. Research and publication in library science or other academic disciplines.





Closing date for Nominations:                April 05, 2024
Closing date for Supporting Material:   April 19, 2024

Presentation: the citation is normally presented at the annual reception held in the fall. The recipient will be presented with a plaque and a monetary award of $500.00.

Who May Nominate


Nominations may be made by students, faculty or Librarian members at the University of Guelph.

Nominations must clearly indicate:

a)   the name of the nominee;
b)   documentation to support the nomination (see below);
c)   the name and phone number of the nominator.




Any individual who, at the date of nomination, is a member of UGFA is eligible to be nominated and to receive the Award.


A Member may only receive an Award once.





There are no fixed criteria or decision rules for the selection of UGFA award winners; members of the selection committee may weight different areas and different sources of evidence as they see fit. However, a number of broad guidelines have emerged from discussions of the committee, which nominators should take account of in preparing their submissions. Specifically, preference is normally given to nominees who:


  1. have been successful in several areas;
  2. have letters of support from more than one constituency;
  3. are judged to be "truly excellent" rather than merely "very good";
  4. have made a positive contribution to the library's academic mission and fostered users' ability to succeed in their academic endeavors.


Guidelines for nominators


The strongest nomination package includes letters of support from more than one constituency.


To facilitate the deliberations of the Awards Committee, each nomination package should include the following:


  1. A table of contents;
  2. A signed Nominee Acceptance Form;
  3. Tabs to separate and identify the various sections of the package;
  4. The nominees CV, which should include professional practice, research & scholarship, and service
  5. A signed nominator's letter. This letter summarizes the highlights of the nomination package, with special focus on areas of excellence as described under "Purpose" above. This letter should represent the core of the case and offer a picture of where and with what priority the supporting documents fit in. Documents seldom speak for themselves; they are invariably more useful when summarized, abstracted and explained by someone on the scene and familiar with the nominee;
  6. Letters of support from more than one constituency. The strongest letters address specific areas of excellence and the impact of the nominee. Letters must be current and prepared specifically for the UGFA Award nomination.

If there are any questions please contact the Faculty Association Office at ext. 58538 or [email protected]


last updated December 2023