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Faculty Members




All Faculty are appointed  at the rank of either Assistant Processor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor. All Faculty appointments are defined under Article 19 of the Collective Agreement as follows:


Probationary Appointments

An appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor leading to consideration for the simultaneous granting of Tenure and Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, or an Appointment at the rank of Associate Professor leading to consideration for the granting of Tenure.
Probationary Appointments are for a maximum period of six (6) consecutive years, unless approved otherwise by the provost, and are subject to the relevant provisions of Article 21: Tenure, Promotion, and Review of Faculty in the Collective Agreement.


Contractually Limited Appointments

An appointment for a specified period not exceeding five (5) years. At the end of five (5) years, the University will decide to terminate the position or convert the position to Probationary. A contractually-limited appointee is still eligible for consideration of promotion in rank, but is not eligible for consideration for the granting of Tenure.


Tenured Appointments

Tenured Faculty Members cannot be dismissed except for cause in accordance with the provisions of Article 39: Discipline in the Collective Agreement. Tenure may be conferred: a) following successful completion of a probationary period according to Article 21 of the Collective Agreement; or b) at the time of initial appointment, consistent with Article 21 of the Collective Agreement

For more detailed information on Faculty Appointments see Article 19: Faculty Appointments in our Collective Agreement.



All Faculty Members shall have academic responsibilities in the areas of Teaching, Scholarship, and Service (unless there is a written agreement between the Dean and the Faculty Member to the contrary - any such agreement shall be consistent with the provisions of the Collective Agreement). The relative effort with regards to academic responsibilities in the areas Teaching, Scholarship, and Service is defined in a Members Distribution of Effort (DOE), which should be defined in the Letter of Appointment. The DOE is agreed to between the member and the Dean. A typical DOE (although it varies between departments) is 40% teaching, 40% scholarship, and 20% service.



Responsibilities in teaching include some or all of the following: making available to students knowledge of the current state of the discipline; participation in the design of courses and programs of the University; performance of assigned teaching responsibilities; assessment of the academic work of students; being available to students for consultations and academic advising; being available as a supervisor and/or academic advisor to students engaged in research; and, if applicable, supervision of teaching assistants.



Scholarship includes some of all of the following: the creation of new knowledge, understandings, or concepts; creative applications of existing knowledge; the organization and synthesis of existing knowledge; and creative expression.



Members have the right and responsibility to undertake a fair and reasonable share of administrative responsibilities, including work of the university through membership on appropriate bodies. Members also have the right to participate in the work of learned societies, relevant community service organizations, and professional organizations.

For more detailed information on Faculty Responsibilities see Article 18: Faculty member Rights and Responsibilities in our Collective Agreement.

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(last modified June 14, 2011)