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Study/Research Leave for Faculty


Study/Research Leave with salary is an essential means of enabling Faculty members to maintain and enhance their quality as scholars.




Full-time tenured Faculty members are eligible to apply for Study/Research leave to commence after 6 years of continuous service since appointment at the University. Tenured Faculty Members holding a Reduced Workload or Part-time Appointment are also eligible to apply for Study/Research Leave, in accordance with the provisions of Article 54: Reduced Workload.

Following return from each Study-Research leave, tenured Faculty Members are entitled to apply for: 



  • 1 semester of leave after 3 years of active employment; or
  • 2 semesters of leave after 6 years of active employment.

Faculty Members who serve in an academic administrative position may claim one semester of credit for each year of service toward Research/Study Leave.




Service at another university or acceptable institution may be counted in determining eligibility to apply for Study/Research Leave. Credit will be calculated on the basis of one year for every 2 years of full-time academic service at another institution, to a maximum of 3 years. The actual amount of credited service will be specified by the Dean in your Letter of Appointment.



Application Procedure

Written applications must be submitted to the Department Tenure and Promotion Committee at least one year prior to the intended start date. The application for Leave will include:


  • a statement of goals;
  • a plan of scholarly activity;
  • an indication of when and where the Leave is expected to be taken;
  • an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae; and,
  • a plan of how contractual research responsibilities (including OMAFRA) will be handled during the period of leave.



Conditions of Study/Research Leave

Faculty Members who qualify may apply for a leave of one or two semesters with salary and benefits. A Study/Research Leave will include the annual vacation entitlement appropriate to the length of the Leave. Scheduling is granted independently of any other Leave entitlement.

Within 60 days of the conclusion of the Leave, the Member is responsible for providing a written report describing what has been accomplished, in relation to the plan submitted. The report will be provided to the Chair and made available to the Department Committee and Dean.

It is also expected that a Faculty Member will return to the University of Guelph for at least one year following the Leave.

For more detailed information on Research/Study Leaves see Article 22: Study/Research Leave for Faculty in the Collective Agreement.



Last updated May 27, 2015