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Sedona eCV



Dear UGFA Members,


The UGFA has heard from many members about problems they are having with the eCV system. Despite their best efforts, many members feel
that there are problems with the information captured in the system and/or the way that it is presented in the completed eCV template.
As a result, we want to remind you of an option you have under the eCV arbitration ruling.


To be clear, you must:

1. Put forward a good faith effort in trying to get your eCV into shape, including using the help facilities that the Administration | has made available.

2. Confirm your eCV by August 15, regardless of whether it captures your information in an appropriate fashion. Failure to confirm will lead to an automatic "Unsatisfactory" rating.


Following 1 and 2, you may:

3. Include a disclaimer in your eCV Executive Summary, say, that points the committee members away from the eCV template and towards
your alternative document -- the usual updated pdf. The easiest way to do so is to store this document on your personal/uoguelph website
and add a link to it in the disclaimer. (You can also upload the document into the eCV system.) Our lawyer has recommended the following brief disclaimer.



Disclaimer: As per University policy I am providing my performance review information in the eCV Sedona format. However due to errors
in this system-generated report that I am unable to correct, I refer you to the complete set of documentation that accurately reflects my
contribution which can be found at



Instructions for linking:


(a) Update the above disclaimer so that "link" is replaced by the appropriate HTML. For example,|
where you have placed document.pdf into the eCV directory on your account.


(b) Go to "Profile -> Narratives" and find the "Executive Summary" narrative.


(c) Click the "Source" button. Copy and paste your disclaimer into| the narrative field. Click the "Source" button again.


(d) Generate your eCV template and verify that the link works.


Note: if you feel that your eCV template captures/presents your information inappropriately in just one or two areas of effort, you
may modify the above procedure to attach information relevant to only the affected area(s).


Kelly Meckling & Herb Kunze,
UGFA President & Salary Chair