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Scholarship Plan


A scholarship plan is available to dependent children and spouses of:


    a) regular full-time and 8-9-10 month continuing limited term employees;
    b) retired or deceased employees; and
    c) employees receiving long term disability payments.


The University will award scholarships for up to eight semesters of undergraduate degree or associate diploma program or graduate courses at the University of Guelph and Guelph-Humber partnership courses. Scholarship payment amounts shall not exceed tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts program. (Note: "Dependent child" is defined as a natural child, step child, adopted child or ward for whom the employee is entitled to claim an exemption under the Income Tax Act and for whom the employee provides regular support.)


Dependent children or spouses may be eligible for a scholarship only if they will be enroled in full-time studies. The definition of "full-time" applied to this plan is that used in administering the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP); that is, students registered in three, four or five courses per semester. Dependent children and spouses must qualify for a scholarship by satisfying the University's entrance requirements, either by meeting the academic standards of the program in which they are to be enroled or possessing a minimum overall scholastic average of 70 percent upon admission, whichever is higher. Students admitted to a program who do not meet the scholarship requirement may become eligible by satisfying the academic continuation requirements of their program plus obtaining a minimum two-semester cumulative average of 70 percent. In-course students will maintain their scholarships by satisfying the academic continuation requirements of their program.


Those dependent children who do not meet scholarship requirements may also receive financial assistance. Dependent children or spouses wishing to apply for the scholarship plan should ensure their application is received in Student Financial Services prior to beginning their studies. Applications are reviewed automatically each year for renewal. At the beginning of each semester, after registration has been confirmed, scholarship payments are applied to the student's account. One hundred per cent (100%) of eligible dependent children's tuition shall be funded first and the pool of funds remaining in each semester shall be used to fund tuition for eligible spouses on an equal basis, up to a maximum of the B.A. tuition rate.


When an employee to whom this plan applies terminates employment, children eligible at the effective date of termination may receive the scholarship for an additional two semesters.


Please complete the scholarship application and submit it to Human Resources for approval.