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Appointment of Veterinarians

There are three types of Appointments for Veterinarian Members:
  • Contractually Limited;
  • Probationary Appointment; and
  • Continuing Appointment.

Contractually Limited

  • are Appointments established for a specific period of time, but shall not exceed a non-interrupted period of five (5) years;
  • may be extended or renewed. However, the total length of the non-interrupted appointment may not exceed five (5) years;
  • does not imply that the appointee is on probation for a Continuing Appointment, nor is there any implied expectation of continued employment beyond the period specified.

Once a Veterinarian Member has served a non-interrupted period of five (5) years in the same or a substantially similar term position, the Member’s Appointment shall be terminated, or the position converted to a Continuing Probationary Appointment.  In the case where the decision is to convert the position to Probationary, the Dean or VPR, on the recommendation of the Director, may recommend to the Provost that the current incumbent be appointed to the Probationary Appointment, without a search.  The Provost’s decision to appoint without a search will be final and a probationary review shall be conducted, in accordance with the Collective Agreement.


Probationary and Continuing Appointments

  • Veterinarian Members given a Probationary Appointment will assume a Continuing Appointment following successful completion of a probationary review as per the Collective Agreement.
  • Continuing Appointment shall mean an appointment of a Veterinarian Member without term.
Upon successful completion of the probationary period, a Veterinarian Member holding a Continuing Appointment cannot be dismissed except for just cause, or as otherwise provided in the Collective Agreement.

For more detailed information on Veterinarian Appointments see Article 32: Appointments of Veterinarians in our Memorandum of Settlement.

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(last modified September 20, 2011)