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Harassment at the University of Toronto

Dear Member;


As a new academic year begins, we are reminded that while many good things are going to happen, some unpleasant events may also take place.


The University of Guelph Faculty Association deplores the episode of harassment and distribution of hate literature recently directed against feminist faculty and students at the University of Toronto. UGFA and the University of Guelph take such threats very seriously.  The safety and the academic freedom of the members of the campus community are jeopardized by such threats. 


Although the University of Toronto community was notified by their Administration of "some threats", the specific targets and nature of the threats was not disclosed.  This makes it difficult for the individuals who might be at risk to take appropriate action in response. 


We hope that our Administration would behave differently should any similar communications be directed at faculty, students, or staff at the University of Guelph.


UGFA strongly encourages Members to notify us, if you ever receive such threats, so that we can ensure that actions are taken to protect you and your students, staff and colleagues.


Please feel free to contact me if you have concerns in this regard.


Kelly Meckling

President - University of Guelph Faculty Association

Faculty Association at 3:29 PM
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