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OVC External Review

The UGFA has recently received the full report and recommendations arising from the External Review of the OVC Clinical Program. The report’s findings and recommendations are extensive, and, as such, will require thorough review in consultation with our Members from the OVC.

The UGFA was particularly alarmed to see that issues pertaining to our Members’ Academic Freedom and discipline procedures were raised within this report. Our position is that these issues, which define the core of what it means to be employed as an Academic appointment, have no place in any third party report. Rather, we strongly assert that such issues can only be dealt with in bi-lateral discussions with the Administration, either in Joint Committee or through the process of collective bargaining. The UGFA has raised our specific concerns with the Administration at a recent Joint Committee and we have urged the Provost to look into this matter further. A group of OVC faculty has agreed to work with Members of the UGFA Executive to provide a fuller analysis and response to the report.

Scott Gillies
Collective Agreement Chair

Faculty Association at 11:48 AM
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