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eCV and supplemental material

The Office of the Provost issued a memorandum on May 20, 2015,
regarding the eCV. The memo, which includes various information
regarding the process of confirming your eCV, including timelines,
information about templates, and support options, is to be provided to
all faculty members seeking tenure and/or promotion, all tenure-track
faculty members, and all contractually-limited faculty members.

We are writing to remind faculty members that in addition to
information in the memo, they should be aware of Article 21.26.1 of
the Collective Agreement (not mentioned in the memo), which reads:

21.26.1 If, despite the good faith efforts of the Member, eCV cannot
appropriately capture the Member’s contributions for the review period
and the Member is therefore concerned that he/she may be disadvantaged
through the Tenure and/or Promotion Processes, a Member may, in
addition to the eCV, attach supplemental materials. In the
supplemental materials, the Member shall include only those components
of the Member’s contributions that are not able to be appropriately
captured in the eCV.

If you are a faculty member who feels that you have put good faith
efforts into using the eCV system and feel that you wish to use the
provisions of this article, we encourage you to contact the UGFA at
any time during the summer.

Susan Hubers at 8:49 AM
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