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Rights and responsibilities

of Faculty, Librarians and Veterinarians during a possible


Management and CUPE 1334 (trades, custodial and maintenance employees)  have been in contract negotiations for a couple of months. On September 11, 2013 the Management at the University of Guelph requested a ‘no-board’ report. This means that management will be able to lock out CUPE 1334 as of Thursday October 3 at 12:01 a.m. This will leave CUPE with no other option than to go on strike. The major issue appears to workload and pension.


In the event of a strike, Faculty, Librarians and Veterinarians should respect the efforts of CUPE 1334 to secure a collective agreement. In particular, you should not perform the duties of striking workers; nor shall they be expected to perform their own work during a strike. While you must cross the picket line, if you feel that your safety is in question, contact your Dean or other administrator who shall escort you across the picket line to ensure your safety.

You may also choose to assist by joining the picket lines or speaking in support of our university colleagues, remembering that you must perform your duties as scheduled (classes, meetings etc).


Please, do not perform the duties of striking workers. If your garbage is full, contact your Dean to correct the situation. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REMOVE YOUR OWN GARBAGE.


No member of the university community should be penalized for exercising their rights. We are a community and we should respect and support each other in the work we do in the University.

Susan Hubers at 1:26 PM
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