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To All UGFA Members

Our Team met again with the Administration’s Team today. There has been no meaningful change in the Administration’s proposals that are currently on the table. It is clear that the Administration wants to change our Collective Agreement to increase faculty workload arbitrarily. The only willingness that they have signaled to alter their reckless workload/DOE proposals is if the UGFA abandons your current job security provisions in Article 24. 


Your UGFA Bargaining Team remained committed to negotiating a fair settlement with the Administration on all outstanding issues. We are dedicated to defending your rights we have achieved over past rounds of negotiations on your behalf.


We will keep you informed of future developments in a timely fashion and, in particular, at the General Meeting on June 26th in UC #103 starting at 3pm.


Scott Gillies, Chief Negotiator

Susan Hubers at 4:43 PM
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